Kathmandu Paragliding

Days 04
Price $90
Max Altitude 2100m
Region Kathmandu
Grade easy
Accommodation Hotel/ Guesthouse/ Lodge
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Trip Overview

Paragliding is a recreational adventure sport gaining popularity all over the world. You might be wondering why one should paraglide in Nepal. Paragliding in Nepal is rather a new adventure sport which lets you glide through the beautiful landscape and share flying space with the vultures, eagles while hovering over valley, temples, lakes, and greenery, enjoying the view of glorious mountains at a distance. The aerial views of the Himalayas, the scenic view, and choices of locations with different proximity to the capital makes paragliding in Nepal an experience one should not miss. Also, there are flight types one can choose from. Either you can learn the basic introductory course and soar solo in the air or you can sit back and enjoy the view while your pilot leads the sail, in the tandem flight. Paragliding in Nepal is exploring newer horizons. Pokhara had always been a spot for paragliding however the capital itself hosts two other sites from where one can paraglide.

In 2011, a venue for the adventure sport in Chapakharka in the Godavari was opened. This location is situated at 2100m and is a five-km uphill drive from Panchdhara, which makes it one of the highest spots from which paragliding is done in Nepal. What makes this venue furthermore interesting is that one takes off and lands at the same site. Suitable wind pressure, the remarkable view of the Himalayas, the dense jungles and the valley can be well observed from bird’s eye view during the tandem flight. The 30-minute-long flight is best suited for people who wish to get the experience of paragliding but are devoid of traveling time to Pokhara.

Another choice to choose from is Deurali Bhanjyang of Shankarapur Municipality in Kathmandu which is located merely 40 km away from Thamel. Located at an elevation of 2100m, paragliding from this venue gives an aerial view of Melamchi and Indrawati River along with the mountains and capital city. Having choices in the valley itself saves time as well as makes paragliding an economic choice for adventure enthusiasts.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01:  Arrival at Kathmandu; transfer to the hotel; sight seeing

Day 02:  Drive to Chapakharka, Godavari/ Deurali Bhanjyang

Day 03:  Paragliding-lavish meal at authentic local food hubs

Day 04:  Check out and Departure to home country from Tribhuvan International Airport

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