High Ground Bungee Jump

Days 01
Price $82
Max Altitude 1350m
Region Western
Grade easy
Accommodation Hotel/ Guesthouse/ Lodge
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Trip Overview

People don’t look back at their life and remember their days in work or school. They reminisce the adventure they had in the past. Life is too short to live a regular life. Life demands adventure and thrill to balance the frustration at work. The bungee jump is an adventure that involves jumping from a cliff while connected to the long elastic cord. The jump comprises a lot of excitements and thrills.Bungee jump has found a natural home in Nepal. Nepal is famous for its high mountains and hilly ranges which are suitable locations for bungee jumps. The thrill of the bungee jump can be experienced at two places in Nepal. The first bungee jumping site in Nepal is situated in Sindhupalchowk,over wild Bhotekoshi River. The other sites are at Pokhara. The bungee jump is Nepal is not to be missed as there’s the huge difference between jumping from a tower into the wild and jumping from a building.

Bungee jump has been a famous tourist attraction in Nepal as they want to experience the excitement of Bungee jumping in the wild. Safety is the utmost priority in any bungee jumping sites in Nepal. The safety of the adventurist is not compromised in any way possible. Nepal is the ultimate destination for adventure enthusiast since “adventure” is another name for Nepal. The jumping experience will certainly be one hell of a memory to remember.

The ever famous tourist destination of Pokhara is also home for various adventures like bungee, jumping, paragliding, Zipline,etc. Pokhara Bungee jump is situated at Hemja near the Tibetan Camp. It is the first and only tower bungee in Nepal. The bungee jumping tower stands 80 meters above the ground and provides thrilling free fall experience for 3 seconds before the jumper take a slight dip in an artificial pond. The tower is built using modern technology,and the jumping equipment is well-checked for the safety purposes. The bungee jumping site is a 20-minute drive away from Lakeside,Pokhara. Hence,it’s easily reachable.

Nepal Social is a well-reputed and leading bungee jump organizer based in Kathmandu. We offer our clients every service they want ensuring they have the best experience during their stay in Nepal. We value our client’s time and money,so we make sure our clients get excellent transportation and accommodation facilities during their stay in Nepal.

Dates & Price All The Dates Are Guaranteed

What's Included

  • Pokhara- Bungee -Pokhara transfer on tourist coach.
  • Experience professional crew to make your trip fun.

What's Not Included

  • Personal travel insurance; medical and evacuation insurance.
  • Nepal entry visa fee US$ 40 for one month, US$ 25 for 15 days.
  • Personal expenses such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry, mineral water.
  • International airfare and airport taxes, excess baggage charges.
  • Expenses incurred due to accidents, landslide, strikes, political unrest, etc.

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